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Our Story

The People Project is run by two female psychologists with over a decade of experience in both the education and corporate sectors. Over that time we identified that resilience is the foundation of emotionally intelligent and authentic leadership. In turn, resilient leaders create cultures where their colleagues are able to feel and perform at their best.

It was with this insight, and with our training and research in psychology, that we set up The People Project.
We now have a wider team of coaching psychologists: together we work to develop resilience and performance in individuals, teams and organisations.

We Develop People

When people feel good and are performing at their best then they can be better leaders, more effective educators, more inspired creatives, or more adventurous entrepreneurs.

But, we know that too many people are not feeling this way in the 21st century workplace. Many people are feeling stuck.

So, through consultancy, training and coaching, we bring our evidence-based psychology to facilitate you or your organisation to feel resilient and to perform at your best – whatever you do.

We’ve worked to build organisational resilience strategies, trained top teams in emotionally intelligent leadership and coached hundreds of individuals to flourish in their professional and personal lives.

Let us do the same for you too.

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How We Can Help

The People Project would love to help you or your organisation. For an overview of some of the work we can do please use the tabs below.


  • We provide consultancy services to clients who would like to better understand how to support their people to become more resilient, effective and to perform to their potential.

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  • We support our coaching clients to make positive changes; they learn to apply strategies to help themselves, their team and their colleagues. We might work with an employee directly or support a leader to create greater changes within their organisation.

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  • We deliver training which creates change. Many training programmes teach content, but we use our experience to help delegates to learn and apply new skills. We blend our research and knowledge with a client’s context and needs; the result is training which is relevant, engaging and effective and can be incorporated into existing programmes such as leadership development or talent management.

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Pro bono

  • We want to help as many people as possible, and so we aim to deliver 20% of our work at a reduced rate or for free. If you are a charity or an individual client with a limited income, then contact us to ask about our pro bono work.
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Dr Lindsay Joyce, Director

Lindsay JoyceA Registered and Chartered Psychologist, Lindsay specialises in simplifying psychological theory and applying it to real-world workplace contexts. She is a sought-after coach, facilitator, trainer and keynote speaker in the field of resilience, has spoken at international conferences, and has worked with corporate and public sector clients in the UK and Ireland to support their resilience and performance. Lindsay has also worked with hundreds of individual coaching clients including senior leaders. Lindsay is a former ‘people and change’ consultant, and an ambassador of the Teach First leadership programme.

Cornelia Lucey, Director

Lindsay JoyceAn experienced Senior Consultant and Coaching Psychologist, Cornelia draws extensively on leadership, change management as well as positive psychology approaches. She has worked with a wide range of public sector, charity and corporate organisations in the UK and the Middle East.
Cornelia is talented in improving individual, team and organisational performance through change management, business development and wider strategic projects. She also brings a track record in facilitation and was formerly a news journalist and is an ambassador of the Teach First leadership programme.

Michelle White

Lindsay JoyceMichelle is a Positive Coaching Psychologist and Change Consultant with over fifteen years’ experience of building dynamic teams and leaders within the cultural sector. With a passion for creating thriving organisations that flourish and excel within their field she has a track record in delivering large scale, complex projects and leading highly motivated teams. Working in both group settings and one-on-one Michelle combines her own experience with established positive psychology approaches working to build strength, sustainability and vitality into performance.

Noel Clerkin

Lindsay JoyceNoel has been practising as an executive coach and facilitator since 2002. Prior to that he held management roles in the banking and financial information industries.
Making use of his own experience, along with skills honed by acting as a trusted advisor to HR and L&D professionals at a range of blue chip companies, Noel is able to craft impactful training programmes that are suitable for senior executives and junior employees alike.

Dr Lucy Moore

Lindsay JoyceLucy is an HCPC registered psychologist with a particular interest in education. She is a former primary teacher and middle leader who then pursued her doctorate in psychology; she now works with schools, students and teachers to help them to develop their resilience. Lucy is particularly interested in supporting teachers in the early stages of their careers, and she uses a wide variety of stress management techniques and psychological approaches.

Mairead Flynn

Lindsay JoyceMairead is an experienced stress management therapist; she is a qualified mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher and somatic experiencing practitioner. Mairead brings a particular interest in the mind-body connection into her work, and she very much enjoys supporting people to find ways to cope with stress and its effects on our physiology and psychology. She describes her work with clients as bringing people back to a place of resilience and vitality.

David Patterson

Lindsay JoyceDavid was a consultant with the Hay Group for 20 years and its UK Managing Director. He has worked with the leaders of airlines, utilities, retailers, government departments, colleges and schools to achieve the best they can with their people. He was a director of the National College for School Leadership and a director of Bioss International (Europe) for the last 10 years. David helps to guide our business, and he has a particular interest in consultancy projects.


For larger projects we work with other registered psychologists and coaches; if you’re interested in working with us, then do get in touch.

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